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Fumed Swirl Multicolor Line Spoon Pipe

Introducing the Fumed Swirl Multicolor Line Spoon Pipe that elevates your smoking experience to a whole new level. This spoon pipe is a masterpiece of swirling fumed glass, adorned with mesmerizing multicolored lines that dance and intertwine. It’s a visual symphony, capturing the essence of creativity and self-expression. Let the radiant hues ignite your imagination and set your spirit free.

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Do you have a dull and outdated spoon pipe? Don’t worry!  Switch to a Fumed Swirl Multicolor Line Spoon Pipe that features a mesmerizing swirling pattern of multicolored lines throughout the glass. The fumed glass technique used in the creation of this pipe gives it a gorgeous color-changing effect that will continue to evolve over time as you use it. Now you can get a favourite smoking blend with this spoon pipe making it perfect for sharing with friends or enjoying on your own.

  • ·         Hand Blown
  • ·         Made with borosilicate glass for maximum durability
  • ·         Flame and digitally kiln annealed
  • ·         Comes packaged in a gift box and free hemp wick
  • ·         Focus on clean lines, welds, shaping, and function

Whether you are a seasoned smoker or just starting out, this Fumed Swirl Multicolor Line Spoon Pipe is sure to become your go-to smoking accessory.


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