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10″ Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Rig

Why don’t you buy our Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Smoking Rig which is infused with innovative design features to provide every smoker with cooler and more intense hits? The built-in freeze glycerin chamber allows for the addition of ice cubes, delivering a cooler and smoother smoking experience. And the fixed downstem and bowl ensure maximum filtration, delivering a clean and smooth hit every time.

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Smoke In Style With Our 10″ Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Rig!

Will you prefer an improved version of the iconic mini dab ring? Don’t miss out on our Freeze Pipe Mini Dab Rig that combines the function and glycerine cooling power. The mini rig market’s biggest base and increased air movement are both features of the Freeze Pipe variant. A percolator in the bottom chamber begins filtration while connecting arms transfer water and smoke back and forth between the top and bottom chamber. In order to increase smoothness, this action further combines heated smoke with cold cleansing water.

  • Made from durable borosilicate glass
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Available in different attractive colors
  • Ergonomically designed

With this compact micro rig, you may benefit from strong cooling power, robust taste, and simplicity of operation. Order right away to enjoy smoking in style!


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